Model 106-B Block Grinder

Manufactured by Advanced Production Manufacturing, is a stand alone block enhancement unit. Produce with the operator in mind, the bullnose grinder is designed with safety, ease of operation and low maintance as the top features.

The Model 106-B Bullnose Grinder can be delivered with an array of grinding heads. Two heads are supplied and included in the purchase price of the Model 106-B Bullnose grinder. The heads are easily changed, in a matter of minutes, allowing the operator to produce several different sizes and shapes of all bull nose units. This unit can be manufactured as a contentious feed machine as well as a set in place processing station. Requiring a water supply of 30 psi and power supply 30 amps 480 – or 220 Volt, the bullnose grinder has a footprint of less then 25 square feet. The compact design of the model 106-B allows it to be set up almost anywhere. With most of the moving parts and drives mounted above the debris and water, a feature that helps keep maintenance costs down.

The Model 106 is operated by first placing product to be processed on the feed end of the conveyor, or on the processing tray, (Depending on the Model) making sure that the units are properly positioned before processing action of the machine begins. The operator either places units on one end of the conveyor or Clamps three units in the saddle and starts the cycle.

Depending on the model ordered. Model 106 or 106-B, One man operation is all that is needed.

With moderate skill and little organization: 4 to 6 unit (8" high) per minute can be produced, by a single operator. The 106 Bullnose Grinder makes a excellent compliment to the Model 206-B Block Grinder. Manufactured with dependably and ruggedness ss top priority, parts are easily obtainable through out the country.