o Grinding / capacity up to 18" wide ; from 2" to 16" high product
o 15 Horse Power drive Motors on each head.
o Large Digital AMP Meters for monitoring grinding operations
o Variable speed control on conveyor feed drive. Extra long 5’ feed section
o Automatic bar conveyor control that adjusts feed rate automatically
o Continuous oil lubricated bearings on the grinding heads. Water cooled for extra long bearing life.
o Safety Switches for both low water pressure and low lubricating oil pressure, that shut the grinding unit down in the event pressures are below minimum levels.
o All stainless steel wetted parts
o Center shaft water injection for extending blade life
o Single pan water / debris collection system
o Tilting head for easier maintenance
o Power drive to raise and lower head assemble
o Completely enclosed grinding compartment
o Low grinding cost as little as 18 cents per unit
o Long Blade life up to 80,000 units (averaged over three blades)
o Very inexpensive blades replacement cost less then $10000.00 set of three
o Low maintenance and quick set-up

Standard Features Include:

Model 206 - C

Capacity: Average grinding rates on normal sand & gravel scoria, 12 to 20 block per minute, production can be ground from 2" high to 16" high and up to 18" wide. (grinding rates will vary with different type of materials and results are dependent on proper maintenance and set up as well amount of surface removed) Rugged enough for daily production with low maintenance expenses yet gentle enough to grind open products even double open-ends.

Grinding Costs: Grinding costs are based on the following information: Conveyor speed set at 12 feet per minute (12’ X 12" = 144" per minute divided by 16" long product = 9 unites per minute X 2 at a time = 18 units per minute X 60 minutes = 1080 per hour X 8 hours 8640 units per eight hour shift. Blade replacement costs are $10,000.00 for the full set and average life of the set of blades is 80,000 unites = .18 cents per unit. While labor costs may differ, for this example the rate of $35.00 per hour based on a three person placing 1080 units per hour = .03 per unit. The example above is contingent on proper maintenance and set up.

Options and Up-grades: Center Score Device: allows operator to grinder center scores as regular grinding is in operation. Grind bevels up to 3/4 " wide with the Bevel Attachment System.

Disclaimer: The test results and information disclosed in this website are based on actual production statistics from grinding operations through out the country. The results obtained at other locations and under different conditions that involve other types of material and ingredients, may vary. The proper maintenance must be performed and the any maintenance performed must be handled by a qualified technician. Any parts that are replaced on the model 206 block grinder must be of equal or greater quality, if replacement parts are not to proper standards the performance of the equipment will be compromised. The grinding components of the model 206 Block Grinder are proprietary and must be purchased from Advanced Production Manufacturing Inc. any replacement or substitute grinding products will result in hazardous conditions and may cause serious injury or damage to the personal and equipment. This equipment is covered by Patent #5496206 and Patent #6234882-B1. Infringement of or coping this equipment will be defended to the full extent under the law. All claims and warranties are subject to additional data and production results to be collected from future sales and application of the equipment listed, and will not be the grounds for non-payment or negotiation, of purchase price or conditions of sale.

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