The Model 306-D, Double End Grinder is a continual delivery conveyor feed processing unit will process two parallel ends of masonry product from 6" wide up to 24" wide minimum 4" high in one pass. This Machine is a wet grind system and is adjustable to almost any size of standard masonry unit for radius and chamfered units. This unit is manufactured to enable the quick change of the heads, to other size radius or to cut chamfers or bevels and face the ends of block up to 48" long...


Re: Model 306-D Double End Grinder
The heads for radius units are electro- plated with diamond matrix, for the best possible finish. These heads average 10,000 units and can be re-surfacing, for further use.
The heads for end grinding will have replaceable segments and will process approximately 35,000 units 8 x 8 Face.

The Model 306-D can process 4 to 6 block per minute, depending on the type of materials processed.
The unit will have two sets of heads (one course and one fine blade) on each side of the conveyor, direct drive motors are adjustable in and out ½" for blade ware, and the head assembles will be adjustable from 0 degrees (perpendicular to the conveyor) for bullnose processing; up to 90 degrees (parallel to the conveyor) to enable bevel grinding and end grinding. One set of heads is adjustable for products from 6" to 24" wide. Additionally the conveyor section under the head assemblies is adjustable with the fence, to allow adjustment for product width 6" to 24".
Processing speeds are calculated on a performed masonry unit. It is not recommended to cut bull nose from a square corner, rapid blade wear results, all processing projections are based on limited trails results will very.