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Figure I Model 1826 Three head 26” wide pallet Rotary pallet cleaner shown, Hydraulic cylinders and chain drives not require to process pallets.
Model 1826 Rotary Pallet Cleaner
The Model 1826 Rotary Pallet Cleaner is an innovation in the cleaning maintenance for steel production pallets. The Model 1826 pallet cleans pallets by utilizing rotary heads with diamond cutting segments that quickly and evenly remove build-up with no interruption in the pallet flow. The model 1826 pallet cleaner is available in two to 6 head units and is adaptable to most pallet handling systems. This pallet cleaner uses a floating head system that allows the three heads to conform independently to the surface of the pallets. 
The rotary action of the Model 1826 Pallet cleaner produces a pulling action that draws the pallet through the cleaning head

                           The Model 1826 Pallet cleaner is 
                           power by electric Motor drive .






                                                                                                                                                                                                       Figure II Two Head Cross over conveyor type Cleaner shown.


Figure III Note no additional pallet moving devices required

The lit-weight, simple design of the Model 1826 Pallet cleaner allows installation times from 2 to 4 hours with very little actual down time. The design of the Model 1826 Pallet cleaner makes it possible to pass pallets through the pallet cleaner even when not in operation. This device can be mounted on the return conveyor of most types of block production equipment. The Model 1826 Pallet cleaner can also be adapted to the Columbia cross over conveyor/pallet scraper.
(Some additional installation time and expense may be required for cross over conveyor installations as well as for installations where three-phase power is not immediately available, or where existing hydraulic lines may interfere with installation).
The cleaning blades of the Model 1826 Pallet cleaner will average over 3000 hours of service or approximately 800,000 18”x 26” steel pallets, with proper adjustment and maintenance. The cleaning blades are specifically manufactured for use on the Model 1826 Pallet cleaner, to provide long service life. This equipment can also be provided with a motorized conveyor section for operation as a stand-alone unit. With the Model 1826 Rotary Pallet cleaner the need and expense in changing scraper blades every few days is eliminated. The diamond-segmented blades on the Model 1826 have been known to last over 180 days (based on 4000 cycles per day production, with proper adjustment and normal build-up). There is no better valve for cleaning pallets in the market.
(Model 1826 Pallet cleaner produces dust during normal operations, dust control devices may be required.) ( Model 1826 Pallet cleaner can be equipped with a mist spray system to aid in Dust control).